Sunday, May 20, 2018

Johnston Strait was angry today

Johnston Strait can be flat calm or very angry, brought on by strong tidal currents and winds that funnel through the steep walled passage.  With currents opposing the wind, the waves can be big and steep making boating no fun.  Bradford’s friend and longtime resident on Murrell Island, Rob Wood warned us of the potential for really bad rides there last year.   The forecast was for building NW winds a little later in the day, but I hoped that we could leave early, scoot through to Pt. McNeill and make preparations for crossing Cape Caution above Vancouver Island.  Not happening.  Pretty soon the wind was 24 knots on the nose with lumpy sea conditions, so we only got in 35 miles and bailed out to anchor.  I am sure it gets worse, but this supposed to be fun.  Sitting in the calm anchorage at Pt. Neville, it was a little frustrating knowing that only a mile away the strait was not a happy place.  We easily made Pt. McNeill on Monday, the next morning.

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