Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Crossing Cape Caution

Crossing Cape Caution 5-22-18
Wagoner Cruising Guide: To get to the central and northern BC coast you must first round CapeCaution.  Although the distance is only about 40 miles, the seas can be high and steep. The bottom shoals from 100+ fathoms off the continental shelf to 20-70 fathoms in Queen Charlotte Sound itself, causing seas to heap up.  The problem is made worse w hen these seas aremet by ebb currents from the Queen Charlotte Strait, Smith Sound, Rivers Inletand Fritz Hugh Sound. 
… yes, you have my attention.  We had been concerned about the crossing and still felt a little rusty in our seamanship skills from spending the Winter on a dock.  Our friend who delivered boats between Alaska and BC in a previous life had suggested a longer route from Port McNeill to Fury Cove anchorage, 62 miles.  This route helps to find the deeper water and stays somewhat away from the ebb flows coming out of the mainland inlets and sounds. I studied the weather every way I knew until late Monday night and then we launched at first light, 4 am.  Following all the worry, the day was a little anticlimactic, very calm.  It was a new experience for us with larger ocean swells about 6 to 10 feet, but the period between swells was 8-9 seconds.  The result was a gentle ride up and down the swells, but not a time to be down below.  Wendy and I both had moments of funny tummy, a first for me.
We have now traveled further North than last summer.  It’s beginning to feel like more of an adventure.  Our anchorage was Fury Cove with several other boats who had launched north under the accommodating weather.

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