Sunday, June 17, 2018

Warm Springs Bay, Baranof Island

Father's Day

It was a great day today, starting at our launch from anchor at 4:00 in the morning.  The plan was to ride the ebb currents down Frederick Sound. Then catch the flood current six miles up Chatham Strait to Warm Spring Bay.  It does make it a little easier to drag yourself out of bed at 3:40 when it's already getting light.  The plan worked very well and the forecasted wind and waves held off.  55 nautical miles and we arrived at 11:30, plenty of time to enjoy the hot springs.

What a cool place with a huge waterfall roaring in the bay, little cabins lining the water all connected by board walks, a hike to Baranof Lake and two places to soak in the hot springs.  First we hiked up to the pair of "grotto" pools on the side of the waterfall.  This was incredible, but the water was too hot for me.  So we went on up to the lake before returning to the bay with three private hot tub rooms overlooking the waterfalls and the bay.  A quick run down to the boat secured beer and guacamole.  The tub's two water inlets, one from the hot springs and the second from the ice cold river made it easy to get the perfect temperature. Aaaahhh, we've been pretty cold on our trip at times.  This was dreamy.  Our favorite anchorage so far!

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